We often talk about the benefits of products that you can find in the kitchen of every housewife. Food is not just able to be on painkillers for broken hearts (Yes, it’s about those products that can boost your mood), but also to improve overall health.

Also famously other harmful products spoil your mood, creating a heaviness and adding not only weight, but gastritis, for example.

So you were more selective when trips to the supermarket and conducted an audit of the truck before lay out the goods on tape, we have collected products that don’t have anything useful.

8 products in which there is nothing useful

  • Mayonnaise. Soon all refrigerators Ukrainians replenished with the best “European”, and the tables will begin to fall from the number Olivier, “coat” and pork marinated in mayonnaise. Despite the fact that mayonnaise is made from eggs, lemon and mustard – this is not a useful product.
  • Instant noodles can save an empty fridge and a great time-saving, but will not give any energy value or health effect.
  • White chocolate (even porous, and even the one that gives favorite) is sweet and delicious, but they are completely useless. Take at least milk. It has a bit of cocoa and cocoa – the only benefit of chocolate.
  • Anything deep-fried. Kamon, then clear. The amount of oil is killing everything good in the potatoes, onions, mushrooms and everything else.
  • Crab sticks the biggest mystery of mankind. No crabs there, of course not.
  • Bouillon cubes, and a hint of chicken there. I hope that’s what you’ve already heard a hundred times. And Yes, it’s the carcinogens.
  • Margarine is, in fact, represents no more than a piece of artificial fat. Get rid of the habit of eating anything with margarine now, or your stomach is already possible to buy a subscription to the district doctor.
  • Burgersthat you don’t cook myself (and stuffing, too), absolutely inexplicably still called meat. Yes, they are really made from animals, but what parts is not clear.
  • Don’t forget vyyasnit 5 reasons to eliminate dairy products from the diet.


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