Advent 2019-2020 will begin on 28 November and will end on 6 January. REPLACE with YOUR WEBSITE tells you about the main food bans this time.

Advent is the latest in a year many days of fasting, which lasts 40 days. Therefore, all prohibitions of advent it is important to observe.

What not to eat in the Christmas post?

During the Christmas post is strictly prohibited

  • meat
  • eggs,
  • dairy products.

What lean foods can hurt?

But to ruin a post can not only forbidden foods. Let’s see, what else do not eat at this time.

Lean mayonnaise contains vegetable protein, the content of which is unknown. So better limit the consumption of this product, or dump it.

Spread vegetable fat contains TRANS fats, which have been obtained through hydrogenation. These fats cause the development of cancer tumours, disorders of the arteries and cardiovascular diseases.

Lenten cookies in a large number contains palm oil, which may also cause the development of cancer.


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