Запеченные яблоки с зернистым творогом

Diet Breakfast foods available.


  • apples 5 PCs
  • the granulated cottage cheese 150 g
  • egg yolk 1 PC.
  • raisins white 50 g
  • sugar (honey) 40 g
  • vanilla ½ tsp
  • ground cinnamon ½ tsp


+ 40 minutes

  • Fruits wash and dry, remove core.
  • Cottage cheese to wipe through a sieve or blend with blender.
  • Add egg yolk, cinnamon, dried fruit, vanilla from a bag.
  • Mix well.
  • Instead of sugar you can put honey or light seedless raisins.
  • Stuff the fruit, put into a form of small size, put it in the oven. The baking temperature is 180 degrees.

The Council

To the table Apple dessert serve hot.



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