Хлебные трубочки с бананом и нутеллой

Hello everyone, in this video you will learn how to cook delicious and simple dessert for tea. Thank you for viewing, good luck.


  • bread for sandwiches (toast bread) 12 pieces
  • chicken eggs 2 PCs.
  • apples 1 PC.
  • bananas 1 PC.
  • Nutella 180g
  • water 100 ml
  • vegetable oil (for frying)


+ 40 minutes

  • To toast bread you need to trim the crust from all sides.
  • Using a rolling pin toast bread should flatten, that he would become thinner.
  • Apples peel and cut into small cubes.
  • Banana peel and cut into half rings.
  • In a bowl break 2 chickens. egg and add 100ml of water, it’s all good whisk.
  • On the prepared toast bread spread one side with Nutella on Nutella stacked bananas and apples, all wrapped and cut zasypaem.
  • Each preset dessert dipping in a mixture of chickens. eggs and water, and then fry on the pan until brown.


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