12 Feb 2020

Торт «Монастырская изба» с вишней и сгущенным молоком

Торт «Монастырская изба» с вишней и сгущенным молоком

Delicious and simple

Tasty variation on the popular theme of the cake.


  • flour 500 g
  • sour cream 200 g
  • margarine 150 g
  • sugar 1.5 tsp.
  • soda 1 tsp.
  • vanilla 4 g
  • salt 1 g

for the filling:

  • cherry 500 g
  • sugar 9 tsp.

for the cream:

  • condensed milk 600 g
  • butter 9 tbsp.


1 hour 30 minutes

  • To prepare the dough of soft margarine, salt, soda, sugar, vanilla, sour cream and flour.
  • Ingredients mix and put the dough in the cold.
  • Divide the mass into three parts, they still cut into six pieces.
  • Roll out rectangles of size seven by thirty inches.
  • Cherries and granulated sugar stir the stuffing to lay out on a long pellet.
  • The edges of the dough well stung.
  • Place “logs” into the oven, bake until Golden brown.
  • For the cream combine the butter and condensed milk.
  • To build the “house” of the six logs, then five, etc.
  • Each layer to miss the mark cream.
  • Leave the cake overnight in the cold.

The Council

The finished dessert can be sprinkled with grated dark chocolate or cocoa powder, chopped nuts, crumbs left over from baking.


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