Севиче из семги с болгарским перцем

Quick recipe of Peruvian cuisine from the “guests on the threshold”. A good alternative to salads, meats, sandwich.


  • salmon 200 g
  • rye bread 100 g
  • lime 1 EA.
  • the sweet Bulgarian pepper 1 PC.
  • tomatoes 1 PC.
  • shallot 1 PC.
  • chili pepper 1 piece
  • parsley 1 bunch
  • olive oil 30 ml
  • salt 1 pinch


+ 30 minutes

  • For dishes to use fresh salmon. Fish cut into thin slices salt – to taste.
  • Wash the lime, squeeze the juice.
  • Clean seeds from chilies, chop together shallot, parsley.
  • Add the olive oil and citrus juice.
  • Cutting fish to mix with marinade put into the refrigerator for ten minutes.
  • Cut the tomatoes into wedges, sweet red bell pepper strips.
  • Rye bread dry the pan with non-stick coating.
  • Fish, arrange on the vegetables, pour the marinade.
  • Serve with toasted bread.

The Council

Salmon fillet cut into thick half a centimeter, they are quickly marinated.


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