Севиче с креветками в цитрусовом маринаде

This starter offers cuisine of Ecuador. Ceviche is placed in tall glasses of glasses or in small bowls. Addition to a dish – fried plantains.


  • tiger shrimps 1 kg
  • oranges 6 PCs.
  • onion 3 PCs.
  • chilli 2 PCs.
  • lime 2 PCs.
  • lemon ½
  • cilantro 2 bunches
  • ketchup 200 g
  • vegetable oil 2 tbsp
  • salt 3 tbsp.
  • sugar 1 tsp.


+ 6 hours

  • Onions marinated in water with vinegar and sugar.
  • Chopped vegetable to fill with lemon juice.
  • Add sugar, leave for half an hour.
  • Clean the tiger prawns, the shells do not remove.
  • Put into boiling water and again bring to boil.
  • Changed the color of the seafood, remove from heat.
  • Water pour into a separate container.
  • Shrimp drain in a colander, rinse with cold water.
  • Remove the shells, fill them with water left over from the shrimp, the boiling time to five minutes.
  • Drain the liquid.
  • Add orange and lime juice, vegetable oil, Ketchup, salt, pepper.
  • Ready mix shrimps with sauce, onion, chopped cilantro.
  • A snack to put in the cold for the night. Serve along with dressing.

The Council

Better onion cut into half rings or feathers. Sauce “Ketchup” you can substitute mixed with water and tomato paste.


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