12 Feb 2020

Вяленая свинина с красным перцем

Вяленая свинина с красным перцем

Delicious and simple

For the preparation of medicines suitable lean part of the carcass, for example, the neck. Long-term treatment guarantees a refined taste.


  • lean pork 1 kg
  • salt 300 g
  • ground red pepper to taste


408 hours + 8 hours

  • Chunks of pork to wash and dry.
  • Pour into a pan salt, suitable for sea or coarse sodium chloride.
  • Put pork.
  • On top of the remaining preservative.
  • Put in the cold for three days.
  • Remove the meat and rinse, cover with cold water for a time from three to eight hours.
  • Water be changed every hour.
  • Product dry with paper towels.
  • Pork roll in red powdered pepper.
  • Wrap the meat with gauze, the ends of the tie, hang it in a dry place for two or three weeks.

The Council

Meat can be seasoned with coriander, cardamom, cumin.


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