Cooking show “Masterchef” is coming to STB for the eighth year. To succeed in the culinary business, the participants from year to year saying the same things: learn the base! What is a base in cooking, and without knowledge can not do in a professional kitchen, tell the judges of the project “Masterchef”.

One of the basic and most sought-after skills in the kitchen to cook good broth. With a tasty broth you can prepare soups, a variety of sauces. It is possible to boil pasta, any grains. Common buckwheat, cooked in a tasty rich broth and can be a completely new dish in a familiar menu. All the secrets of chicken, vegetable, fish and beef broth reveals the judge “Masterchef” Vladimir Yaroslavskiy.

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The basic laws which are applicable to all types of soups

  • For any broth used cold water so all the nutrients will be released into the water during the boiling process.
  • All soups always cook over very low heat. In any case it is impossible to prevent an active boil. Otherwise there opylivanie broth, it becomes dull and tasteless. Would be nice if in a moment the bottom will rise only 1-2 of the air bubble.
  • Cook broth is not salted. In the process of cooking the broth uvarivaetsja, so it’s best to salt the finished product is a dish, which will include your broth.
  • Now cooks sometimes prepare the broth vacuums. You must have special professional equipment. This soup is very interesting: clear and very intense.
  • The broth is always divided into two factions: the bottom water and top fat. If the broth is fatty, it needs to cool, the fat will solidify and it will be easy to clean. You can strain through cheesecloth or a thin towel so the broth will be completely clean.
  • Broth can be frozen. Perfect fit for this bakeware. To prepare the broth, especially for sauces, it’s a long and laborious process, so it is easier to prepare the broth in advance.

Chicken soup: how to cook

The broth should not boil of the breast and legs. The best broths are obtained from the bone framework, as well as from the wings, even of the smallest. You can use the Shin. The most important thing in the chicken broth to completely remove the fat, then to completely remove the skin before cooking the broth.

You can also pre-fry the bones – out of extra fat. You can also bake the bones until it will turn brown (20 minutes at 170-180 degrees), as long as they are not burnt. Guided by the ruddy caramel color.

Vladimir Yaroslavskiy makes thick rich broth, provides the bone relative to water of 1:1. But the amount of water can be increased.

To chicken bones, you can add onions, carrots, a stalk or celery, the green part of leeks, parsley stalks, fennel stalks. Bay leaf suggest to add 15-30 minutes to the end of cooking. The chef also puts black and sweet peas. The vegetables in the broth, you can add raw or baked. This will give a special flavor. Even grilled vegetables can be used for broth. Every time, if you are using raw vegetables, if using fried you will get a new result. During cooking is the Maillard reaction, to form new aromatic substances, so the soup will be more fragrant.

To cook enough chicken broth 1.5-2 hours, but can be 3-3,5. Importantly, no active churning, and the broth was boiling on low heat.

Beef broth: how to cook

The broth is brewed from three hours. You can boil six hours and even more. Broth for sauces and boil altogether for two days, filtered from the bones, then adds red wine, and then broth another day evaporated. But for such a boiling broth should not be at all. A soup uvarivaetsja 5-6 times.

For beef broth I advise you to fry the bones in the oven on the same principle as chicken. Vegetables for broth is also recommended to fry. So it turns out tastier.

Beef broth © depositphotos

For beef broth use bones, you can also take those pieces of meat suitable for stewing or cooking: shank, flank, blade.

To the beef broth remained clear, the water should not boil. But for clarification there is also a separate, fairly complex procedure. Carrots, chicken protein, different films and trimmings are ground into mincemeat and added to the broth. Broth put on medium heat. So that it is in one neat place began to foam. The minced meat along with protein and carrot rolled and rises to the top. More from this seething volcano to gently with a spoon to move the foam on the rising stuffing. Thus clarified broth, so clarified consomme.

Vegetable broth: how to cook

Vegetable broth brewed from everything that is at hand. In vegetable broth are all roots: onion, carrot, parsnip, celery root. All the trim that remains after the vegetables (clean, the tails from the vegetables, stems and twigs of green) will be useful for the broth.

Vegetables need to bring to a small boil and leave for half an hour on the stove. For a litre of water will be sufficient 500 g of vegetables.

Vegetable broth © depositphotos

It happens that in the vegetable broth add the roasted cabbage – it turns out very tasty. You can add more buckwheat – buckwheat is the flavour. Of course, in a vegetable broth are added mushroom trimmings (e.g., the edges of the legs of mushrooms). So stocks get rich in flavors.

Fish broth: how to cook

For the fish broth as well use dice, they are placed in cold water, and just need a little fire. In fish broth is also possible to taste add vegetables like baked and raw. Fish broth is cooked for 1-1. 5 hours.

Fish broth © depositphotos

Culinary project “Masterchef” is published every Friday at 19:00 on channel STB.

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