Форшмак из сельди на поджаренном бородинском хлебе

Traditional snack of the Jewish kitchen. It can serve with an aperitif before dinner.


  • herring 1 EA.
  • eggs 1 PC.
  • carrot 1 PC.
  • onion 1 PC.
  • green apples 1 clove
  • processed cheese 20 g
  • butter 10 g
  • bread Borodino
  • Dijon mustard
  • olive oil


+ 2 hours

  • The herring fillet cut into very thin slices, part – just chop.
  • Boil carrots and egg, cut into small cubes.
  • Onions also cut into cubes.
  • Products mix, add the liquid cheese and melted butter.
  • Lay a chopping Board with cling film.
  • Lay a thin plate of herring fillets, spread the mincemeat, cover with another plate fillet.
  • Fish smear with oil, wrap film, send in the freezer.
  • Borodinsky bread sprinkled with olive oil, place in oven to dry, then turn into crumbs using a blender.
  • Frozen fish to release from the film, cut into pieces, lay in a circle on a plate.
  • In the center pour the crumbs and put Dijon mustard.
  • Green Apple cut into cubes, sprinkle fish.

The Council

Mincemeat can be used for making the usual sandwiches on black bread.



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