The drink with ginger is great for fighting colds. REPLACE with YOUR WEBSITE cares about your health, and therefore talks about how to make ginger vitamin cocktail.

Be confident – this drink is against the cold will definitely help you in the cold season!

Ginger and flu: the confrontation

Ginger root is a great cough remedy. It has on the human body is an expectorant, antiseptic, diaphoretic and
antibacterial action.

Using ginger to treat cough, sore throat, runny nose, and also to remove the heat.

How to use ginger? You can give him a bath, inhalations and infusions of alcohol, and of course, tea.

Ginger tea: recipe


  • 5-8 pieces of dried ginger,
  • liter of purified water,
  • 2-4 slices of lemon,
  • honey and sugar to taste.


  • Get some water boiling.
  • Put the ginger on the bottom of ceramic, glass or porcelain teapot.
  • Severely ginger with aging in 7-15 minutes. So you will retain its healing properties.
  • When the drink brew, add lemon and sugar or honey.
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