"Пряничное" мясо


Pork – 300 g
Tomato paste – 1-2 teaspoons
Cakes (without filling) – 50-70 g
Water – 150-200 ml
Vegetable oil – for frying
Salt – to taste
Ground black pepper – to taste


Take 300 grams of pork (the part that you prefer to fry) and cut into such pieces as you prefer to fry the pork. Salt and pepper the meat.

In a bowl put a little (1-2 tsp) of tomato paste and dilute it with warm water to a thick tomato juice.

In a pan heat the oil and fry the pork until liking your degree.

While the meat is fried on a large grater grate 50-70 g normal cakes without filling and flavors.

If the normal did not buy the suitable mint.

When pork has roasted, pour it diluted tomato paste. Stirred and slightly warmed.

Asleep meat in tomato sauce with grated gingerbread.

Stir and decide: either stop heating and leave the ground in a thick sauce; or continue to fry get something like greaves.

Pork in tomato sauce with gingerbread ready.

Bon appétit!


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