Домашний лимончелло

I dedicate the recipe for homemade Limoncello for those who, like me, loves this Italian drink, but is unable to bring real Limoncello from Italy. Cook at home!

Description of preparation:

Limoncello is simply divine Italian drink, which I just crazy. In essence, this is a vodka drink with a lemon flavor, but it is a very poor definition of this great beverage. I believe that Limoncello is so delicious beverage that it is necessary to compose verses and sing ballads. If you want to learn how to prepare homemade Limoncello – the arm this recipe. Get no worse than the Italians. Repeatedly tested on personal experience! 🙂


  • Lemon — 11 Thing
  • Vodka — 1 Liter
  • Sugar — 3 Cups
  • Water — 3 Cups

Number of servings: 25

How to cook “Homemade Limoncello”

Домашний лимончелло
Lemons thoroughly wash (you don’t want to drink dirty drink), with a knife cut the skins.

Домашний лимончелло
Put the lemon peel in the jar.

Домашний лимончелло
Peel pour a good vodka. Pour not to the brim – something like 25% of the amount in the Bank leave.

Домашний лимончелло
Let the infused vodka for at least 2 days, or better days 5-6.

Домашний лимончелло
So, let’s say that vodka is the real thing. Now mix water with sugar and heated over low heat to sugar is fully dissolved in the water.

Домашний лимончелло
Sweet water fill the present vodka. Put in refrigerator for 1 day.

Домашний лимончелло
Just before serving, of course, the drink should drain. The lemon peel is thrown, leaving only the pure drink.

Домашний лимончелло
The finished bottles are clogging – all homemade Limoncello is ready. Store it in the refrigerator for up to 3 months.


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