Слоеный «Цезарь» с креветками и крабовыми палочками

Make a quick salad, if there is no time, but on the threshold suddenly appeared to my guests. Components are laid out in layers.


  • shrimp 200 g
  • crab sticks 200 g
  • lettuce 200 g
  • eggs boiled 5 PCs.
  • cucumbers 2 PCs.
  • Parmesan cheese grated
  • mayonnaise


20 minutes

  • On a large round plate to put the torn lettuce leaves.
  • Top with fresh grated cucumbers, sliced boiled eggs.
  • The next layer – grated cheese “Parmesan”, mayonnaise.
  • Next – sliced crab sticks.
  • Egg, cheese and mayonnaise layer repeat.
  • To decorate a dish of boiled seafood.

The Council

For cooking it is better to use fresh homemade mayonnaise.


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