Today, on November 21, the feast of the Archangel Michael, and the people celebrate Michaelmas. Congratulations with the Day of St. Michael from to REPLACE YOUR WEBSITE. We’ll tell you that the feast of Michaelmas, and also what kinds of traditions and superstitions are associated with it.

The day of St. Michael the Archangel: Church holiday

The day of Michael the Archangel © wikimedia

November 21, the Orthodox Church celebrates the feast of the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael and the other Heavenly bodiless powers.

Saint Michael — the main and one of the most revered of the Archangels, also called the Archangel, i.e. the head of the Holy host of Angels and Archangels, as well as the senior messenger of God. In addition, the Holy Archangel Michael – the heavenly patron of Kiev: ancient emblem of the capital of Ukraine decorated with the figure of Archangel Michael with a sword.

Archangel Michael, according to Church canons, is the main warrior in the battle between good and evil – he defeated Satan. If thunder, people say that it is the Archangel Michael is at war with the devil – no matter where they hid, his arrow will find them everywhere.

Michael also plays the role of protector of souls of the dead, carrying them out of the world of the living to heaven. Armed with a sword, he guards the gates of heaven. It is the judgment call of a trumpet the dead will weigh the souls of sinners, to evaluate their good and evil deeds and pray to God for their forgiveness.

Michaelmas is a public holiday

Michaelmas © depositphotos

Michaelmas is a fun and satisfying holiday as recently harvested and its reserves are great, haven’t spent the money for the goods sold, received payment for the work. Work in the fields is over, so there is reason to celebrate.

On this day it was impossible to carry out serious work: to cut with an axe, to cut with a knife, so as not to anger St. Michael, and that he might not tore roofs off houses.

In celebration of Michael prohibited quarrels and conflicts. On the contrary, this day is better for reconciliation, forgiveness and solution to long-standing grievances. In the old days, on Michaelmas even, feasts for reconciliation and braccini.

Michaelmas made pies, meat, beer and set the table, people went to visit and took guests. And such feasts and festivities often lasted until the Filippovsky (Christmas) post, 28 Nov.

It is also thought that Michael bears go in hibernation.

In people, this day is called St. Michael’s of dirt, as often in this period, there was a thaw, and then the road became impassable. The villagers said: “Michael way Porush”.

Also frequent were Michael’s frozen. Then about that day said: “Michael bridges bridge”.

Many Slavs Michaelmas was associated with the onset of winter. The weather on this day was judged on the future winter.

And, of course, all the Michaels in this day to receive the congratulations of the angel Michael!

Signs of Michaelmas

Signs of the Day of St. Michael © depositphotos

  • If Michaelmas frost – to the big snow
  • When Michaelmas day begins with fog, you can prepare for the thaw
  • If Michaelmas clear weather– wait for the cold and frosty winter
  • If mikhayla snowing, it’s a good omen for the harvest and health –Michael arrived on a white horse
  • With Michaelmas, the winter is, the ground freezes
  • From the day of St. Michael the Archangel winter frost forges
  • With Archangel Michael, the cattle being driven on winter feed
  • No wonder that beer is brewed and wonder, not drunk


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