12 Feb 2020

Плов с маринованной говядиной в мультиварке

Плов с маринованной говядиной в мультиварке

Delicious and simple

Pre-marinating the primary products will make it softer.


  • beef 550 g
  • long grain rice 370 g
  • onion white 3 PCs.
  • carrots 3 pieces.
  • garlic 4-5 cloves
  • vegetable oil
  • seasoning
  • salt


2 hours + 2 hours 30 minutes

  • The main product remove the membranes, cut into chunks.
  • Meat pour the vegetable oil with spices for two hours.
  • Pour vegetable oil into the bowl multivarki, set the mode “Roasting” for forty minutes.
  • Within half that time to cook meat.
  • Next, add white onion, diced, sticks of sweet carrots.
  • Fry all together until the end of the program without a lid.
  • Pour hot water, add salt and spices, chopped garlic, set the mode “Stewing” for fifty minutes.
  • Last pour the rice, pour half Cup of hot water.
  • Products do not mix.
  • The dish simmer for another forty minutes.

The Council

Pilaf served with fresh vegetables and herbs.



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