Рулет из лаваша с творогом, шоколадом и вареньем

Roll of pita with cheese, chocolate and jam – yummy for tea in 15 minutes, without the hassle of dough! Very tasty and quick! Put the kettle on the stove, do not have time to boil as you’re ready! At home it’s so good very often!


  • lavash is a thin 2 EA.
  • curd 600 g
  • jam 200 g
  • butter 100 g


+ 15 minutes

  • Half serving of cottage cheese spread over the entire surface of the pita, top cover with another sheet of lavash and well miss him jam on top again spread second half of cheese and force the sculpture into a tight roll.
  • The edges of the roll brisay, they I no longer need, roll, cut into suchocki three inches and fry both sides in butter.


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