Салат «Сугроб» с курицей и болгарским перцем

Christmas mood from such a salad will be guaranteed.


  • chicken fillet 400 g
  • cheese 300 g
  • mayonnaise 200 g
  • the sweet Bulgarian pepper 2 PCs.
  • tomatoes 2 pieces
  • garlic 7 cloves

for decoration:

  • cucumber 1 PC.
  • tomatoes 1 PC.
  • boiled carrots 1 PC.
  • lettuce


+ 1 hour

  • Boil chicken, remove from broth and immediately cut.
  • Skip the garlic through chesnokodavku.
  • Cut the tomatoes into small cubes, place them on a dish, add the garlic, mayonnaise.
  • Cut into small cubes sweet paprika, add the garlic and also place them on a dish.
  • Grate cheese, sprinkle the salad.
  • For decoration use lettuce leaves, flower petals cut from the boiled carrots, the leaves of fresh cucumber.
  • Cut the peel of the tomato, roll, formed into a small flower.
  • Put the salad in the fridge for two hours.

The Council

On the edge of the salad, you can spread the leaves of green or thinly sliced cucumber.


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