Салат «Козел в огороде» с овощами и картошкой фри

The unusual name, came up with this dish a man with a good sense of humor. His name is unknown the main thing in this salad serve. The products are laid out in groups on a large plate, each consumer can take what he likes.


  • sausage 300 g
  • potatoes 300 g
  • cucumbers 200 g
  • carrots 200 g
  • cabbage 200 g
  • mayonnaise 150 g
  • beets boiled 100 g
  • onions 100 g
  • greens
  • ground black pepper
  • salt


+ 40 minutes

  • Cut onions, pre-boiled beets, fresh carrots.
  • Shred cabbage, cut into strips sausage, fresh cucumbers.
  • Chopped greens.
  • Potatoes fry in deep fat.
  • Spread the ingredients on a plate in a circle, salt and pepper – to taste and desire.
  • In the centre, pour mayonnaise around – chopped parsley.

The Council

In a salad you can add canned green peas.


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