What would you yourself think – a Boomer, a millennial or a representative of generation Z, I agree – a classic Christmas buffet and the Soviet champagne have become boring in the same way as “Irony of fate” on each channel on 31 December. Offered to vary the usual feast and to celebrate the night 2020 special magical! Instead of the heavy salads with mayonnaise and mountains of meat cook light tasty snacks. And shooting in the head replace champagne dessert cocktails liqueur. The recipes we have prepared, feel like a real bartender!

Important! All of these cocktails do not require special techniques of preparation. If you have a blender – excellent: just mix the ingredients and pour into a nice glass. If blender is not – we hope you will find it under the Christmas treeand the ingredients for a cocktail just mix in the tank and enjoy.

What is even more important! Despite the fact that cocktails mixed several types of alcohol – a hangover you are not in danger 😉

And that is the most important! We want to recommend to you a balanced sweet liqueur that is ideal for all cocktails – it’s Amarula. It goes well with fruit and ice cream. Contains 17% alcohol and has a mild taste. Try it and fall in love, because we already adore 🙂

  • Spicy Amarula

    • 60 ml Amarula liqueur
    • 90 ml pure mango juice
    • 0.5 tsp. peeled and sliced red chili peppers
    • dried mango pieces
    • ice

  • Elephant dream

    • 60 ml Amarula
    • 30 ml Frangelico
    • 15 ml banana liqueur
    • 15 ml cream
    • a pinch of chocolate powder (hot chocolate or cocoa)
    • fresh cherries

  • Amarula Mint

    • 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream
    • a glass of Amarula liqueur
    • mint
    • ice

  • Coffee surprise

    • 60 ml cream-liqueur Amarula
    • a Cup of strong coffee
    • 50 ml whipped cream
    • 8 piece marshmallow
    • 20 ml brown sugar
    • hot chocolate powder 20 ml

  • Spicy SIP

    • 35 ml cream-liqueur Amarula
    • whiskey with spices – 20 ml (clove, cinnamon, juniper, anise and cardamom)

  • Red velvet

    • 30 ml Amarula liqueur
    • 20 ml berry vodka
    • 20 ml of beet juice
    • 20 ml white chocolate syrup
    • 10 ml grenadine

  • Espresso with Amarula and vodka

    • Espresso – 30 ml
    • Vodka – 15 ml
    • The Amarula liqueur – 30 ml

  • Citrus cream

    • 50 ml Amarula liqueur
    • 20 ml triple sec
    • orange zest

  • Storm with Amarula liqueur
    • 35 ml Amarula
    • mix fresh grated ginger and honey
    • 15 ml of Bourbon
    • 25 ml cream
    • 25 ml of milk

  • Bonus for the morning

  • The morning after the party you will not have headache from last night’s champagne and not need to frantically check the mail. Turn on a favorite Christmas movie, make yourself a Cup of espresso or Americano and add a few drops of liqueur Amarula. The holidays are over so quickly allow yourself a little more 😉

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