Tomorrow, 20 November – universal children’s day. Revision to REPLACE the ON YOUR WEBSITE congratulates you on this significant event! Yes, that’s you, mom, aunt, older sister, friend or a potential future parent, if you have no children. But you, in turn, necessarily congratulate on this holiday of kids.

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How to congratulate your children on universal children’s day? How to come up with a script of what to give, what to hold events? Let’s look at the calendar.

In 2019 20 November universal children’s day falls on a Wednesday, a weekday. Not a problem, you have a reason beginning of the week to devote to the children, playing, having fun and fooling around. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity and dive into the child – universal children’s day is not too often!

It is logical of the children lead the kids to the Mall, movies or rides, to wander in the “Children’s world” and get stuck there for a long time, emptying the shelves of toys. But this is a standard program. But how to spend universal children’s day, he was bright, memorable and not like others? Yes, and to invest not so much money as all the warmth. Read the scenario in our article.

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All of us will necessarily dress up in the day room multi-colored balloons are festive, fun and beautiful! Balls must be very, very much. If children find it hard to inflate the balloons, let them hang them around the room so that they are easy to remove. After the balls will perform the function of elegance, you will need them for the next game.

Show off the orbs in the room? Now it’s time to play with them. You will need markers, sequins, ribbons, tape, scissors and imagination. Divide among themselves some balls and pitch are funny clowns, animals or princesses – who wish! Who’s got the most scary/funny/recognizable ball – and he won!

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A ball game isn’t over yet! Now your task is to burst as much as possible and as loudly as possible balls. This can be done by sharing at the team and slapping the balls of the competitors, or individually each own. The main thing that was loud and fun!

And even after the bursting of balloons with them to continue the game. I dare you to construct colorful rubber soap Princess costume or at least a loincloth of the savage? Ask the children to become real fashion designers for dolls or even for themselves (depending on the size of the input “raw material”), arm them with ribbons, ropes and remnants of the burst balloons. Believe me, universal children’s day, held in search of creative ideas will be simply unforgettable!

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And finally, a photo of adults and children, dolls and birds in ready-made creative costumes with funny faces of the balls and the children will join your family album a new joyful experience!


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