Вафельный торт “Грильяж”

From ready-made waffle cakes, you can quickly cook a cake or brownies. But the choice of cakes need to be responsible.

First, the cakes should not be chips, cracks, and certainly they should not be broken.

Secondly, waffle cake should be uniform Golden or milky color.

Burnt waffles for cake making does not fit. And third, the finished waffle cakes should be soft.
Cake well soaked under the influence of cream.

Today we offer the recipe of waffle cake “Grilyazh” with unusual cream. This cream is desired, add dried apricots, dates, various dried fruit.


✓ Wafer sheets – 3 PCs,
✓ peanuts (any nuts)– 150g,
✓ cookies “Jubilee” — 200g,
✓ Butter – 200g,
✓ Sugar – 1 tablespoon,
✓ honey – 2 tbsp. spoons ,
✓ Cocoa powder – 2 tbsp. spoons,
✓ Milk – 4 tbsp,
✓ Condensed milk – 4 tbsp,
✓ frosting for the cake — 100 g
✓ citric acid — ½ tsp,
✓ coconut shavings — 50 g


Grind peanuts, biscuits (100g) to break into small pieces. In a small saucepan put the peanuts, biscuits, sugar and honey.

Stir in the milk, stir and place on low heat.

Cook until honey and sugar is melted, stir constantly until very soft (20-30 seconds after boil).

Remove from heat add butter, diced and citric acid. Wait until the butter is melted and stir.

Allow to cool slightly, but not completely. Divide mixture into 2 portions and spread onto 2 layers, leave the top blank.

Put under the yoke — on the top place a heavy plate or a small pan with 500 ml of water. Leave in the fridge for 2-3 hours until firm.

Now prepare the cream to cover the cake: the remaining cookies will break a blender into fine crumbs and mix with condensed milk.

Well knead, if too thick, dilute with cream or milk. A thin layer is daubed the top and sides of cake.

Frosting mix with milk as directed on package. Pour cake icing, sprinkle with coconut and refrigerate.

Before serving, cut into squares.

Bon appétit!


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