Теплый салат с курицей

I worked as a waiter at a fancy St. Petersburg restaurant, where guests somehow ordered the warm chicken salad. Since then, I have a feeling that this is the most popular salad in the world 🙂

Description of preparation:

What? Let’s prepare the most popular salad in the world 🙂 Imagine the same recipe warm chicken salad that I begged the chef in the fashionable restaurant of St. Petersburg many years ago. Salad, again, enjoyed crazy success – many people came to us only in order to try this salad. So tell me how to cook warm salad with chicken – a delicious dish the restaurant level, which will decorate any table. I promise it will be delicious 😉


  • Salad leaves – to taste
  • Tomatoes — 3-4 Pieces
  • Cucumber — 1-2 Pieces
  • Cheese — 60 Grams
  • Chicken fillet — 200 Grams
  • Olive oil — 2 tbsp. spoon
  • Honey — 2 Tbsp. spoon
  • Lemon juice — 2 tbsp. spoon
  • Seasonings — to taste
  • Salt – to taste
  • Peeled sunflower seeds — to taste (optional)

Number of servings: 2-3

How to prepare “Warm chicken salad”

Теплый салат с курицей
Cut the salad.

Теплый салат с курицей
Arbitrary slices cut tomatoes.

Теплый салат с курицей
Cut the cucumber

Теплый салат с курицей
Chicken cut into not very small, but not large pieces (bigger the piece, so it get juicier) and fry on the grill.

Теплый салат с курицей
Fry on both sides. Don’t forget to salt and pepper the meat.

Теплый салат с курицей
Thin slices of sliced cheese. This is best done with a special cheese knife.

Теплый салат с курицей
On a plate lay out the vegetables, put on top of the chicken pieces.

Теплый салат с курицей
Then put some slices of cheese.

Теплый салат с курицей
In a deep plate spread a couple of tablespoons of honey. If honey is hard, melt it in the microwave.

Теплый салат с курицей
The honey pour the olive oil and press out the juice of lemon, add salt to taste, spices.

Теплый салат с курицей
Mix well.

Теплый салат с курицей
Try the gas station. If you just miss pour her salad.

Теплый салат с курицей
Add sunflower seeds and serve. Bon appetit!


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